For ages 9 & 10 (born Sep 1, 2010 – Aug 31, 2012)

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In Minors, players pitch from a 46’ pitching mound and play regulation baseball games of 6 innings with an umpire. Base stealing (without leadoffs) is allowed. Emphasis is on skill development and good sportsmanship. All genders are welcome.

At the conclusion of the regular season in mid June, there are tryouts for a tournament team which plays in the District 7 (city-wide) Championships during the first week of July. The winner moves on to Provincials!


For ages 11 & 12 (born Sep 1, 2008 – Aug 31, 2010)

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Majors play with the same 46’ pitching mound and 60’ base path as Minors, but the strength of hitting, speed of pitching, and level of play is noticeably higher. All genders are welcome.

The Majors Division also forms a tournament team (by tryout) which plays in the District 7 (city-wide) Championships during the second week of July. The winner of District 7 moves on to Provincials, the winner of Provincials to Canadians, and the winner of Canadians to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania!

Gear & Attire

All players must have a glove, cleats (not metal), pelvic protection (jock/jill), grey baseball pants, and a batting helmet.  Batting gloves are optional.  Mouth guards are recommended.  Please make sure that your player’s name is clearly marked on all items.  Each player will receive a Beacon Hill Little League team jersey, long-sleeved shirt, socks and hat. The jersey must be returned at the end of the season.

Team Selection

Prior to the start of the season, usually in late March at the indoor turf at the Oak Bay Rec Centre, registered players are assessed by coaches who then form teams with the goal to balance of ability across teams.

Times & Locations

The regular season runs from early April to mid June. Players can expect to practice twice a week and play 1-3 games each week. For players who make the tournament team, play extends into the first half of summer. 

Practices are held at Brooke Street Park and Hollywood Park. Home games are played at Hollywood Park. A handful of interlock games during the season may require travel to other parks within Victoria (Ambassador Park, Hampton Park, Centennial Park, Layritz Park, Jerry Hale Field).


If you have questions about our Minors or Majors baseball programs or would like to participate as a volunteer or coach, please contact our VP of Baseball, Brad Muir.

Brad Muir



For ages 12 & 13 (born Sep 1, 2007 – Aug 31, 2008)

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This year we are offering an Intermediate program for players who have aged out of Majors but want to keep playing Little League baseball. Priority will be given to Beacon Hill alumni, but players from neighbouring catchments who do not have a program are also welcome.

At the Intermediate level, players pitch at a distance of 50’, and have 70’ base paths with full leadoffs and stealing.

We plan to run practices and scrimmages, and we also expect to be able to play games vs. Hampton Little League who are also running an Intermediate program and whose field can be set up with the proper base paths and pitching distance.

Gear & Attire

All players must have a glove, cleats, pelvic protection (jock/jill), baseball pants, and a batting helmet.  Batting gloves are optional.

Times & Locations

Practices will be held at Hollywood Park and potentially Heywood Ball Field and Vic West (Tyee). Games will be played at Hampton Park.


If you have questions about the Intermediate baseball program or would like to get involved, please contact head coach Reece Caven at

Junior & Senior

We are currently polling the community to gauge interest in programs for 14-16 year olds and working on a plan as to what we can offer for the 2021 April – June season.

If you have a child who has played Victoria Capitals, or would be interested in continuing with Little League Baseball at this age, we’d love to hear your thoughts via a short survey.

We will update this section and contact interested parties before the end of January with more details.