Since 1957, Little League baseball has been an important part of our community in Victoria. Every spring, with the support of parents, volunteers, local sponsors and the City of Victoria, baseball and softball have helped build the character of the youth in our community. 

After more than six decades, upwards of 15,000 people have proudly played for Beacon Hill!

Our growth has been gradual.  Over time, and particularly since we joined Little League Victoria – District 7 in 2004, we’ve built a strong and passionate organization that supports the values of Little League, promoting activities that reveal character, courage, and loyalty in our players.  

Coming Soon….

Below are just a few highlights …. In the coming year, we’ll be building out a timeline with photos to archive the history of Beacon Hill. If you’d like to share any photos and memories to be incorporated into the archive, please contact our president, Mark Wilson at president@beaconhillball.com.

  • 1957 – The first year of operations for Fairfield Little League and James Bay-City Centre Little League in the City of Victoria.  Neither league charged registration fees in their first year.  In 1958, James Bay City Centre began charging a $1 fee to cover insurance. 

  • 1973 – Fairfield (orange and white) and James Bay-City Centre (black and white) combined to form Beacon Hill Little League (orange and black).

  • 1997 – The first year Beacon Hill chartered Little League softball teams.

  • 2004 – Beacon Hill Little League joined Victoria Little League District 7. We hosted the 11/12 and Junior Softball National Championship Tournament, and our girls went on to represent Canada at the 11/12 Softball World Series in Portland, Oregon!

  • 2005 – Again, our girls represented Canada at the 11/12 Softball World Series in Portland, Oregon.