We are currently running programs safely within the guidelines set by our Provincial Health Authority, ViaSport, Baseball BC, and Softball BC.

Read our Safety Plans

Parents: Please Watch!

Please watch this video for a quick summary of what we need you to do to help us comply with Return to Play guidelines, including using the TeamSnap app to mark your child’s daily attendance and wellness screening.

Important Info for Parents

  1. Using the TeamSnap app
  2. Spectators
  3. Pickup & dropoff

Using the TeamSnap App

During COVID-19, we are required to complete wellness screening and keep attendance records (contact tracing) for every daily event. The TeamSnap app allows us to do both without needing to keep a bunch of paper.

Marking your availability/attendance

Please keep your child’s availability/attendance up-to-date as far in advance as you can.

On the event detail screen, mark yourself as “Going” or “No”. Please don’t use “Maybe”. (Practice your decisiveness!)
Complete the Health Check prior to each event

Please remember to complete the Health Check on the day of each event before you arrive.

The Health Check is found on the event detail screen. It becomes available for you to complete 12 hours before the event starts.
If you are a coach or volunteer

You will need to complete your own availability and Health Check as well as your child’s.

Tap on your team’s name to toggle between marking availability or completing the Health Check for yourself, or for your child.

No Spectators (for now)

For the time being, we cannot allow spectators (e.g. parents, family members) within the field area at events. Only players and adult volunteers performing the duty of coach or team safety may stay in the field area. Please help us by ensuring your child has everything they need for the duration of practice until they are picked up.

Pickup & Dropoff

We have scheduled field times with at least 15 minutes buffer between groups. Please help us avoid congestion by trying to time your dropoff 5 minutes prior to the start of practice.