2021 Baseball All-Star Tryouts

Dear Parents & Players,

Today we received confirmation that Little League District and Provincial tournaments will be proceeding this summer. We are therefore announcing tryouts for our Minors and Majors baseball tournament (“All-Star”) teams.

Who Can Try Out?

To be eligible for the tournament team, your player must:

  1. Have been registered in our Spring 2021 regular season
  2. Reside or attend school within our catchment (proof will be required)
  3. Be eligible league age: for the 11/12 team, league age 11 or 12; for the 9/10 team, league age 9 or 10, or 8 years old having played in our Minors division during the regular season. League age determines which team your player is eligible to try out for, not the level they played during the regular season (proof will be required)

All players trying out for All-Stars must be fully committed to a rigorous practice schedule leading up to the District tournament, and the potential of the same requirements in preparation for the Provincial tournament. This will include two weeks of daily practices with possible exhibition games leading up to the dates below. Players trying out must also be committed to all of the following dates and travel requirements:

09/10 (“Minors”) Division
District TournamentJuly 5 – 11 at Central Saanich Little League
Provincial TournamentJuly 17 – 25 at Dunbar Little League (West Vancouver)
11/12 (“Majors”) Division
District TournamentJuly 12 – 18 at Layritz LIttle League
Provincial TournamentJuly 24 – Aug 1 at Whalley Little League (Surrey)

You must also be committed to the cost of travel and uniform requirements for the All-Star team, which will be outlined in detail and with consultation once the teams are selected. *No Player will be excluded due to financial need. Please connect with Mark Wilson (president@beaconhillball.com), Brad Muir (vpbaseball@beaconhillball.com), or Nancy Dragicevich (treasurer@beaconhillball.com) if your player requires financial support to participate in All-Stars. 

We also want you to understand that All-Stars do not follow the fair play/continuous batter rules of house baseball. In many circumstances, your player may only get a single at bat with no defensive playing time in games. The development, knowledge, and experience at this level of play is essential as players move forward in baseball and in life, but we want you to be aware of the difference of playing at this level to avoid disappointment due to misinformed expectations. 

If you agree to and meet the above requirements and expectations, and your player wishes to try out, tryouts will take place:

(8) 9/10 Division (“Minors”)
Wednesday, June 16
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Hollywood Park
11/12 Division (“Majors”)
Sunday, June 20
4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Hollywood Park

Players must: 

  1. Wear their team game jersey with player number 
  2. Arrive 20 minutes early with all required equipment (i.e. jock/jill, helmet)
  3. Be on the field warmed up and ready for assessments for their scheduled start time. Late arrivals will affect assessments!   

Thank you for your interest,

1-2-3, Beacon Hill!

Mark Wilson, President

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